About Me

I was born in Cornwall (Kernow) but now live in Wicklow, Ireland. Since being in Ireland, I have grown to love climbing our hills and mountains, hence my name. I travel with my other half, Martin, and we absolutely dig holidays packed with adventure! We travel a lot, as we are fortunate that our work (Earth observation and heritage management) takes us overseas quite often. We are amateur photographers and videographers, and try and record our work to the best of our abilities.

Geysers Sol de La Mañana, Bolivia

Desert safari, Erg Chebbi, Morocco
Rib boat trip up the Iguaçu River, Brazil

Safari in Ngorongoro National Park, Tanzania
End of the Machu Picchu Trek, Peru

Caving in the Burren, Ireland

We enjoy trekking, mountaineering, hill walking, scrambling, via ferrata climbing, snowshoeing, exploring the underground workings of abandoned mines and caving. 

Via ferrata, Snake Gorge, Oman
We usually eschew posh hotels, only indulging in the occasional splurge, and do our own thing as much as possible: wild camping on a beach, in the bush or up a mountain somewhere, where we can get closer to nature and savour a sense of freedom far from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Wild camping in the Victorian bush, Australia
Wilderness trekking in Greenland

Bivvy in limestone overhang, Oman

Via Ferrata, Dolomites, Italy

Snowshoeing in the Adirondacks, USA

We prefer to travel independently as half the fun and excitement of each trip is in the meticulous research and planning for it. It's never been as easy, or as cheap, to travel as it is today. Using the internet it is possible to search for the best bargains and book flights, accommodation and attractions from the comfort of your own home. 

Start of 'W' Trek in Patagonia, Chile

The roof of Africa! Uhuru Peak, Kilimanjaro

You Tube videos and travellers' blogs are an indispensable part of our planning and we hope that our vids on YouTube and this blog will prove to be of some value to our fellow travellers. Here's our vid of one of our wilderness treks in Greenland:

Our ultimate dream is to buy a jeep and convert it so we can undertake an overland adventure. I've always fancied driving from Ireland to China, but meantime I'll settle for anywhere really!!!


  1. Great HIKE!! I'm interested to find out..... Who did you use to outfit your trip to the summit of the Inca Trail in Peru?

    Jose Martucci

  2. Hi Jose, not sure what you mean by outfit our trip, but if you mean what company did we use, then we booked directly through Intense Peru based in Cusco, and they subcontracted Camping Tours, another local company, to do the actual trek. Both companies were excellent and far cheaper than a US or European based company.

  3. Hello there ;) Iam a brazilian girl living in ireland and I'm looking to start to trek, hiking.. but I've no idea how to start my journey (as I've never did it before) I am absolutely in love with your videos on youtube, I've already subscribed the channel haha ;) Is there any tips for someone like me? Any good book with roots (for beginners/intermediate ) i should get? what equipment should i buy? Or what I should avoid?..hope to hear from u , thank u very much and great work. my email: Cheers ;)

  4. Hi Fire Fitness. Thanks for your message and glad to know you like our videos! If you want to take to the hills, I suggest you get some experience with a walking club first. There are many to chose from here in Ireland where you will gain experience from others in skills like map reading and navigation, but also get used to long days on the hills, some of which are quite remote, in all winds and weathers. Equipment is all important, and a good pair of comfy boots, a pair of waterproof trousers and a waterproof jacket are essential. Warm layers of clothing such as woollen base layers, fleeces etc., a hat and gloves are also advisable, as is a properly fitted day pack to carry your stuff in. I wouldn't advise going up onto our mountains on your own until you have sufficient experience and are properly kitted out. If you want to tackle some straightforward lower hills with shorter distances to gain confidence, try which is a crowd sourced site for hill walkers with a range of routes described. Other to that, there are many good walking books out there, for example, the Collins Press series, which detail circular walks etc. Hope this is helpful.

  5. please contact

  6. I've just come across your videos of hiking in the west of Ireland and really enjoy them.

  7. Cheers, John. Glad you enjoyed our videos taken in the West of Ireland. Thanks for looking in! :-)